Warfield's Written Warranty

We guarantee the work performed at Warfield Auto Body Shop. The guarantee stands as long as you own your vehicle. Our warranty covers all defects that occur under normal driving conditions. This gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Warfield Auto Body stands behind its work. We have a reputation that comes with our many decades of service to the community of Gulfport. You can rest assured knowing that a Warfield repair is a quality repair.

This page contains small portions of our actual warranty. Please refer to the warranty provided to you at the time of service for any clarification needed. This page serves only as a brief description of the actual warranty and is not a substitute for the actual warranty or an addendum to it. To further service our customers, Warfield Auto Body Shop has indepth warranty information for each facit of the repair. These facits and their subsiquent information are as follows:


Our metalwork is backed by a National Limited Lifetime Warranty on defective workmanship. This includes welding and the application of the materials utilized in making collision repairs. This protects our valued customers against: cracking, flaking, pitting, and deterioration. Warfield Auto Body Shop will repair and re-paint any metal work covered by this warranty.

Painting, Strips, and Decals:

The National Limited Lifetime Warranty expands to cover painting and priming related work against solvent blistering, peeling, hazing, and excessive loss of pigmentation. This warranty covers the application and adhesion of decorative stripes and decals. It should be noted that paint and decal's can be subject to extreme environmental conditions. (In the case of extreme environmental conditions, contact your insurance provider.) Warfield's guarantee ensures that we will re-prime, re-paint, re-stripe, or re-decal any sections of the vehicle covered under this warranty.

Mechanical Repairs:

All mechanical repairs the pertain directly to original collision damage are covered by Warfield Auto Body Shop's National Limited Lifetime Warranty. This ensures a functioning vehicle free of mechanical issues associated with the original collision damage.

Parts or Materials:

Warfield uses quality materials. These materials are subject to the guarantee of the supplier. Warfield will be happy to assist their customers in handling any claim under the supplier's guarantee. Warfield's guarantees that used parts or other than original equipment manufactured parts were not used without authorization from you, the customer as noted in or on a repair order.

History of Warfield Auto

Two generations of Warfield owners infront of a repaired viper.

Warfield Auto Body Shop was started in 1948 by Lee Roy Everette Warfield. Leroy Warfield the son of Lee Roy Everette Warfield began working at the shop with his father in 1950. The father and son team worked together until Leroy Warfield became the owner in the 1970's. Carrying on the family tradition David and Ricky Warfield were involved with Warfield Auto Body Shop throught their life. David Warfield became owner of the shop in 2003. David has over 40 years of experiance. The family tradition has not stopped with David. His daughter Erin began working at the shop in 2008. Erin is the secretary and performs a number of office duties. She is accompanied in the office by her Uncle Tony Pavack. Tony has been the office manager since 2006. Warfield Auto Body shop has 4 generations of tradition behind its name.